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Photography, Travel and Gluten Free

  • Anticipation

    Nothing like waiting…the anticipation of what’s to come in this new set of images is a bit exciting. 🙋🏻

  • Travels last fall

    It’s February, looking at spring, five destinations last fall and I failed to write the entire time. I started this blog as a gluten free traveler however once I got out there it wasn’t so much about being gluten free or traveling but the photography. All three were a part of each journey, yet the most prominent on my mind was the pictures I was taking. In Madrid I found myself in the middle of a humongous demonstration on my way to get a gluten free meal after spending an entire afternoon taking pictures in the park. You can check out some of my pictures in the gallery Madrid, Rome Ostia. I enjoyed that trip immensely had the easiest time being gluten free in that region, so there wasn’t much to write about. So far Italy is the winner for a celiac, no trouble what so ever.

    When in Thailand I printed the card (see resources) and found it to be the most valuable, especially when I took a boat up the river from Bangkok. I had no idea where I was but once I showed the card to a street vendor they made me the most wonderful papaya salad. I was in heaven.

    Looking at a new trip in a couple weeks, this time Henry is coming with me. This will be interesting as he has never gone with me before. LOL he grew out of his soft sided carrier and will not fit under the seat. We’ll see how this goes. in the mean time check out a few of the images I took In a few galleries highlighted above.


  • Planning…

    Ok if you are in this site you found my work in progress. I’m not sure how this will pan out but have to give it a shot. See I travel quite a bit and being celiac has really added some adventure in the mix. I’m currently in the process of planning 4 trips over the next 5 months, two are here in the US and two are abroad. I sit here in front of my keyboard shaking my head thinking “Geez Denae are you crazy? That cute as a button puppy is going to divorce you!” haha I doubt it he has a great care giver while I travel and he gets so spoiled there except I’m pretty sure he got contaminated last time I traveled.

    Yes, my dog is gluten free its best to keep consistent in the house. I envy those who are not as sensitive to cross contamination…this whole thing  makes travel fun!

    Back to planning trips, sigh. Two of four upcoming trips I have control over my food consumption. The other two are for work, traveling for work tends to be a bit stressful when it comes to being gf, I’m getting better at planning ahead but it is a bit rough when everyone sometimes

    When in Bali last winter I went to a place that I found that had gf pizza i was soooooooooo sick, they assured me that it was gf so the only thing I could think of was cross contamination. Lesson learned be more inquisitive even if they boast gf!

  • Home sweet home

    Just returned from a trip to California and glad to be here! The PNW is having a great summer and my home is happy to see me! When in So Cal I found a trader joes! (dancing the happy dance) I was able to get rooms with refrigerators and promptly added some wholesome food to have as a back up and breakfast. My renewed interest in hard boiled eggs precooked and ready to eat from TJs made it so much easier to start the day off right with protein to go with my fruit and coffee. Boring right? Yea, but oh my gosh it’s one of the things that I have found to be an easy carry item for flights and day one of trying to figure out where the heck things are.
    I don’t know about the rest of you but when traveling to new places I have found that a few strategic items in my suitcase or carry-on have really saved the day! Many airlines now have a GF option yet have learned the hard way not to count on it so my go to carry on items are nuts, protein powder, kind or ThinkThin High Protein Bars, “, apples and small oranges. Those single serving tuna packs are great too!

    Tonight my daughter and I are discussing travel to Thailand and she found this great article Gluten free Thailand: A survival guide for celiacs written for road affair by Ben. Thanks Ben!